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Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park is an eco-friendly safari park located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The park’s major source of energy is solar energy. The park is located on Al Warqa 5 on the Hatta Road.

The park has around 3000 animals from 78 species of mammals – including 10 different carnivores and 17 primates, 50 types of reptiles, 111 kinds of birds, and amphibians and invertebrates.

History of Dubai Safari Park

The old Dubai zoo was replaced by Dubai Safari Park when It only had a collection of 1000 animals. The park consists of 12.8 million square feet of area. The old park had faced criticism internationally about the conditions the animals were kept in: caged up, very little space, barely able to move. It was obvious that there had to be a much larger, more open, more modern habitat for the animals.

Keeping in mind the tourism increase in Dubai, Dubai Municipality took the decision of increasing and moderating the Dubai zoo. $40.8 million were allocated to the project. The Project was given to Meraas, the main shareholder of Dubai Parks and Resorts operator. Parques Reunidos was hired as operation manager. The park was opened on 12 December 2017, but closed for renovations and improvements in May 2018.

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