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Doha Quest

Quest is Qatar’s first-ever theme park, in Doha Oasis, Msheireb. Quest is a 32,000 sqm. novel indoor entertainment destination which caters to an audience of all ages, comprised of over 30 rides and attractions, featuring a mix of adrenaline-heavy thrill rides, media-controlled simulators, virtual reality experiences, miniature thrill rides for the younger guests, and family-friendly attractions, all offering an experience unlike any other in Doha.

Quest, Qatar’s first indoor experiential theme park located in Doha Oasis, announced on Sunday that it has set two Guinness World Records for the ‘Tallest Indoor Rollercoaster’ and the ‘Tallest Indoor Drop Tower Ride.’
“We are thrilled to be recognised for our world-class signature rides, Epiq Coaster and Magma Blast. With its concept and variety of first-to-market rides and attractions, Quest has transformed the entertainment landscape in Qatar. The Guinness World Records certification further underlines the breadth of the Quest offering to our guests; this is a truly one-of-a-kind destination,” said Marcel Hendriks, general manager of Quest at an event held to mark the occasion.

The Magma Blast, the tallest Indoor Drop Tower Ride, has a height of 56.409m while the Epiq Coaster is 56.736m high. The park is divided into three sections, otherwise referred to as time-dimensions: Oryxville, a portrayal of an ancient Arabian past; City of Imagination, a reflection of a wondrous present; and Gravity, a state-of-the-art bright and bold futuristic spaceport.
Hendriks said the indoor theme park has been operational since July 1 this year. “The theme park has been built with the intention of having a very tall roller-coaster as well as a tall indoor drop tower ride. We are thrilled with a very encouraging response from the community. Most rides in the facility are unique. With the upcoming Arab Cup and the World Cup next year, we are extremely positive about the number of people visiting the facility,” he told Gulf Times.

“Spanning 32,000sqm, Quest is a Qatar idea. It is a Qatar-based and fully Qatar-owned company and we have no connection with any other international companies. We have about 38 rides and attractions. The facility can host about 4,000 people at a time. We charge only the entry fee and people can spend the whole day and enjoy all the rides as many times as they want. The entry fee is QR225 for adults and QR150 for children,” he explained. Each of the recognised signature rides has a unique backstory that fascinates its visitors and captivates them with a strong adrenaline rush.

The Magma Blast is the first attraction to capture guests’ attention as they enter the park with an astonishing record-breaking height of 56.409m. The City of Imagination is home to this media-enhanced drop tower. The ride follows Quest’s character Shaheen al-Habi, a Qatari geothermal engineer, as he asks guests to assist him with his massive research probe as it taps into the earth’s tremendous geothermal energies before blasting up into the sky. The Epiq Coaster is the star of the show and talk of the town, with its lengthy track full of surprises that will leave even the most seasoned rider speechless. The head-spinning, adrenaline-pumping master, is the tallest indoor rollercoaster in the world and the main attraction at Gravity. The attraction features Quest’s character Spike, a space-hedgehog that takes guests on a high-speed journey around Gravity station in a futuristic solar-powered vessel. The ship rockets backwards, up a high vertical twisting spike, then plummets back down and blasts through the station in a sequence of aerial maneuvers and close encounters. 

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