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Doha Quest

Quest is a groundbreaking addition to Qatar’s entertainment landscape, situated within Doha Oasis in Msheireb. Spanning an impressive 32,000 square meters, this indoor amusement destination offers an unparalleled experience for visitors of all ages, boasting over 30 rides and attractions. From adrenaline-pumping thrill rides to family-friendly experiences, Quest redefines entertainment in Doha.

Recently, Quest made history by securing two Guinness World Records for its standout attractions: the ‘Tallest Indoor Rollercoaster’ and the ‘Tallest Indoor Drop Tower Ride.’ Marcel Hendriks, the general manager of Quest, expressed his excitement about this achievement, highlighting the park’s unique offerings and transformative impact on Qatar’s entertainment scene.

The Magma Blast, towering at 56.409 meters, and the Epiq Coaster, reaching 56.736 meters, are the park’s standout attractions, each with its own captivating backstory. Divided into three distinct sections or “time-dimensions,” Quest takes visitors on a journey through the ancient Arabian past in Oryxville, the wondrous present in City of Imagination, and the futuristic spaceport in Gravity.

Since its opening on July 1, Quest has garnered positive feedback from the community, offering a range of unique rides and attractions. As Qatar gears up to host major events like the Arab Cup and the World Cup, Hendriks anticipates an increase in visitor numbers.

Quest is a fully Qatari-owned venture, featuring 38 rides and attractions that can accommodate up to 4,000 visitors simultaneously. With an affordable entry fee of QR225 for adults and QR150 for children, guests can enjoy unlimited access to all rides throughout the day.

The park’s signature rides, Magma Blast and Epiq Coaster, immerse guests in thrilling adventures, complemented by captivating narratives and adrenaline-inducing experiences. From assisting a Qatari geothermal engineer on a research probe to embarking on a high-speed journey with a space-hedgehog, Quest offers an unforgettable entertainment experience for all.

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