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Embrace Doha

Located within the vibrant Souq Al Wakra, Embrace Doha stands as a cultural sanctuary dedicated to showcasing the richness of Qatari heritage to newcomers. Our mission is to facilitate integration into Qatari society by providing immersive experiences within traditional Qatari households, fostering genuine connections and understanding.

At the core of Embrace Doha’s ethos are three guiding principles: Heritage, Culture, and Accuracy. As the sole licensed cultural consultancy in the country, we uphold a commitment to authenticity, ensuring that every aspect of our programs reflects the true essence of Qatari culture. Through our endeavors, we aim to bridge the gap between Qatari nationals and expatriate communities, fostering mutual respect and appreciation.

Embrace Doha hosts a diverse array of cultural sessions designed to ignite meaningful discussions on various facets of Qatari culture and society. From the significance of the white thobe and black abaya to the intricacies of majlis etiquette and the symbolism of the coffee cup (finjan), our sessions delve deep into the nuances of Qatari traditions. Guests have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture by trying on traditional clothing and practicing local greetings, further enhancing their understanding and appreciation of Qatari customs.

In addition to cultural sessions, Embrace Doha offers Sadu weaving workshops that provide guests with a profound insight into the history and craftsmanship of this ancient art form. Led by the skilled bedouin women, participants learn the intricate techniques of Sadu weaving while gaining a deeper appreciation for the significance of the majlis. Each participant leaves with a mini panel of Sadu, a tangible symbol of their connection to Qatari heritage.

Through our dedication to preserving and celebrating Qatari heritage, Embrace Doha strives to create a platform for meaningful dialogue and cultural exchange, enriching the lives of both locals and expatriates alike.

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