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Embrace Doha

Embrace Doha is a cultural house based in Souq Al Wakra. Our work in Embrace Doha is to showcase Qatari culture and heritage to non-locals who are new to the country and culture. We are a perfect resource for integrating into Qatari society because we take you into a traditional Qatari household and make you a part of the conversation. You get the chance to ask any questions you may have to a local and get their perspective on several issues surrounding Qatar’s zeitgeist.

Heritage, Culture and Accuracy are three words that make up the ethos of Embrace Doha. We are the only licensed cultural consultancy in the country, we make sure that everything is 100% authentic to Qatari culture. We are here to bridge the gap and build common ground between the Qataris and Expat communities We are pioneers in preserving and celebrating Qatari heritage by curating our sessions and workshops with the local community.

Embrace Doha hosts cultural sessions that incite discussion about all aspects of Qatari culture and society. From why the thobe is white and the abaya is black to what the majlis etiquette is and how hosts and guests communicate through the secret language of the coffee cup (finjan). During the cultural session, guests will try traditional clothes and practice local greetings to further experience and understand the Qatari culture.

The Sadu weaving workshops are intertwined with a history lesson. Guests will learn directly from the original architects of the desert, the bedouin women. They will leave with a mini panel of sadu and a deep appreciation of the work that goes into making a majlis.

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