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Qanat Quartier

The Pearl Island’s “Venice-like community” has an extensive canal system, pedestrian-friendly squares and plazas and beachfront townhouses. The first residents started to live in Qanat Quartier in 2012.

With its unique Venetian architecture,Qanat Quartier inQataris an upmarket district, set amidst landscaped gardens and lakes.

With low-rise, multi-colored structures surrounding the canals that snake through the neighborhood, Qanat Quartier has a decidedly Venetian vibe. In comparison to the districts in The Pearl’s center sections, Qanat Quartier offers greater seclusion due to its unhurried design and somewhat isolated placement on the Island’s west coast.

In keeping with its Italian influence, Qanat Quartier has a variety of cafes and restaurants as well as attractive public squares with canopied boutiques of luxury companies. The neighborhood has a stunning seashore and a sizable parking lot that can hold more than 1,100 vehicles.

  • 977 residential apartments in 31 buildings.
  • 188 townhouses.
  • 15 bridges, including a replica of. Venice’s Rialto Bridge.
  • 200 retail units.
  • 320,000 square feet of retail space.
  • 1,135 parking spaces for cars.
  • 200 moorings in the marina.
  • Kempinski Resort and Spa.

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