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Msheireb Downtown Doha

Msheireb Downtown Doha is a planned city in Doha, Qatar being constructed in place of the current district of Mushayrib.

History of Msheireb Downtown Doha

Initial construction began in January 2010. Located in the downtown area of Qatar’s capital city, it is set to occupy 310,000 sq m with the total cost of construction amounting to approximately $5.5 billion. It was launched in six phases by Msheireb Properties, a subsidiary of Qatar Foundation. The project is a flagship project for Msheireb Properties, and aims to preserve the historical downtown area of Doha.

Buildings at the time were simple dwellings of one or two rooms, built from mud, stone and coral. A closely woven network of streets and passageways provided refuge from the intense midsummer heat. At around the turn of the century, Doha had a population of around 12,000 and around 350 pearling boats. With its fortune and fate inextricably linked to the sea has always retained proximity to and relationship with the coastline. Doha’s early growth was gradual with and development of the nation’s oil and gas resources in the 1950s course that the city would take. As a result of this development, the city’s population grew rapidly, sparking a transformation of Doha’s landscape and skyline. New suburbs and business districts emerged spontaneously, with low population densities and an array of architectural styles.

The transformation from a small metropolis, over a few short decades, resulted in vast changes to the identity of the city and the way of life of its residents. Msheireb Downtown Doha was born of a desire by the nation’s the city’s development, and return to the cultural roots upon which Doha was founded.

The old downtown district of Msheireb grew up around a single well whose generous reserves inspired a community to put down roots there. Today, that original site is home to the downtown regeneration district, Msheireb Downtown Doha.

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