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Heenat Salma Farm

Heenat Salma is an Eco-Farm and Camp, located in Shahaniya, north-west of Doha.

Situated in the Al Shahaniya municipality is Heenat Salma Farm. It attracts the eco-conscious, farming traditionalists and true fans of organic, natural produce. Heenat promotes communal living and welcomes guests who respect nature.

Heenat Salma have successfully transformed a local conventional farm into an organic permaculture center that grows desert-friendly plants and vegetables, diversifies local food production, and contributes to a renewable, home-grown food supply in Qatar and beyond. We are aware of the fact that as a single company our impact is limited, but as a community we can drive change that powers meaningful action beyond our walls

Lodges are traditional yet refined tents positioned around a central courtyard with a fire in the middle, which instils a sense of community for all.

Heenat currently grows around 30 different crop varieties, along with organic fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs, honey and meat.

Head to the shop and buy organic eggs; dates; and vegan foods. Heenat is for those who appreciate sustainable living and farming; a place where guests feel at home and strangers become friends.

Heenat also offers a variety of yoga and meditation classes, along with workshops on weaving and pottery.

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