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Heenat Salma Farm

Heenat Salma is an Eco-Farm and Camp, located in Shahaniya, north-west of Doha.

Nestled within the Al Shahaniya municipality lies Heenat Salma Farm, a sanctuary for eco-conscious individuals, traditional farming enthusiasts, and devotees of organic, natural produce. Rooted in a philosophy of communal living and reverence for nature, Heenat extends a warm welcome to guests who share these values.

Originally a conventional farm, Heenat Salma has undergone a remarkable transformation into an organic permaculture center. Here, desert-friendly plants and vegetables thrive, contributing to the diversification of local food production and fostering a sustainable, home-grown food supply not only in Qatar but also beyond its borders. Recognizing the collective power of community, Heenat endeavors to drive meaningful change that transcends its own boundaries.

Lodges at Heenat Salma exude a blend of tradition and refinement, comprising traditional tents arranged around a central courtyard adorned with a crackling fire—an embodiment of communal spirit and shared experiences.

The farm cultivates approximately 30 different crop varieties alongside a bounty of organic fruits, vegetables, dairy products, eggs, honey, and meat, all grown and harvested with care and respect for the environment.

Visitors to Heenat can explore the on-site shop, offering a selection of organic eggs, dates, and vegan foods—a testament to the farm’s commitment to sustainable living and farming practices. Here, guests are not merely patrons but part of a vibrant community, where strangers quickly become friends and everyone feels at home.

In addition to its agricultural offerings, Heenat Salma hosts a range of enriching experiences, including yoga and meditation classes that promote holistic well-being, as well as workshops on traditional crafts such as weaving and pottery. These activities further deepen the sense of connection with nature and foster a harmonious coexistence with the land.

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