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North Sedra Farm

The farm takes pride in preserving the cultural heritage of the country. Through the Qatari museum, different local trees, and various activities, visitors get a unique chance to experience the local culture in one place. The farm has a mini zoo with various animals, including Arabian Oryx, zebra, ostrich, lama, and camels.

Visitors can feed the animals, interact with them, and ride the pony horse. A one-of-a-kind museum named ” Qatar Through History” is presented in a walk-through where people can see how old Qatari houses were structured and what equipment was used back then. Moreover, the farm has different types of games for the children, such as boat riding, bumper cars, and mini trains. Furthermore, North Sedra has started collaborations with various restaurants and cafes to provide visitors with a vast collection of food bites. The largest restaurant is operated by a Qatari lady that specializes in serving authentic traditional local dishes.

The farm is the first agritourism destination in Qatar. Visitors can pick their own fruits and vegetables from the trees; strawberries, green bell pepper, chilis, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, eggplants, and Sedra tree fruit (Kinar). The farm also sells top-quality Sedra honey produced from in-house. Due to weather limitations, the farm only operates in the winter season, from October to April. North Sedra is located north of Qatar in the Alghashamiyah area (40-50 minutes drive from Doha).

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