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Dahl Al Misfir

Dhal Al Misfir is a cavern that is a natural landmark in the Rawdat Rasid area of Qatar. The cave contains fibrous gypsum crystals. Its depth is anywhere from 40 meters to at least 100 meters. The entrance is approximately 12 x 4.5 meters and its gypsum crystals derive from the Lower Dammam Formation and Rus Formation.

Located west of Doha, in the centre of the peninsula, Dahl Al Misfir is one of Qatar’s most exciting natural sites. At 40 meters deep, it is considered the largest and deepest, yet accessible cave in Qatar. Formed largely of fibrous gypsum, it sometimes gives off a faint, otherworldly glow.

Dahl Al Misfir is believed to have been formed 325,000 to 500,000 years ago during the mid-Pleistocene Era. Known for emitting a moon-like glow, this phosphorescence is the result of gypsum deposits found in the centre of the peninsula. These give rise to the geological phenomena known as ‘desert roses’ (clusters of roughly rose-shaped gypsum crystals).

The site is not ticketed, although it is enclosed by a fence. Visitors should dress appropriately as the temperature tends to drop the deeper one goes into the cave. Footwear suitable for hiking is recommended as the cave comprises of rocks.

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