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Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

Al Fahidi Historical District (once known as Al Bastakiya) located in Bur Dubai, is an oft-missed gem in a city of gleaming towers and wall-to-ceiling windows.

The historical neighbourhood extends for about 300 metres along the Dubai Creek, and 200 metres inwards, Covering an area of approximately 38,000 square metres. Aspects of ancient Emirati architecture are evident in every corner.

The buildings and structures of the heritage district highlight the distinctive features of the neighbourhoods, homes and buildings of ancient Dubai, showcasing a lifestyle that prevailed in Dubai from the mid 19th century till the 1970s.

The historical district is characterized by narrow streets and alleys, paved with stones, flanked by buildings made of traditional materials like coral stone, teak wood, sandalwood and palm fronds.

The buildings are all low-rise – no more than two storeys – and above them, the Barjeel stands tall as one of the most prominent features of Emirati architecture. These ‘wind towers’ are a testimony to the success of the region’s inhabitants in overcoming the challenges of the harsh climate, especially in summer.

The buildings and the architecture reflect the identity of the place as well as the customs and traditions of Dubai. The design of each structure affords visitors a glimpse of the traditional social lifestyle of the time.

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