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Al Ain Classic Car Museum

The Al Ain Classic Car Museum is an automotive museum in the United Arab Emirates, dedicated to the display of classic and heritage cars. It is located in the city of Al Ain near Jebel Hafeet.

Among the top attractions for car enthusiasts in the UAE, the Al Ain Classic Car Museum is a must visit for all motorheads. Established in 2009 on the 38th UAE National Day, the museum was started off in a traditional tent, accommodating a collection of classic and vintage cars. The classic car museum was established by Captain Rashid Mohammad Al Tamimi – the Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Classic Car Club and a passionate motorhead.

Al Ain Classic Car Museum Collection

The museum allows car enthusiasts to witness many classic cars first-hand. All of the museum staff are motorheads and have sound knowledge of classic car maintenance and storage. Additionally, some of the museum staff are classic owners themselves.

Among the many vehicles, you can find at the Al Ain car museum, many of them have a long and interesting history. Several vehicles have lived across generations and have been showcased in different countries around the world. With proper maintenance and storage, these vehicles can still be found in pristine condition.

Moreover, the classic cars available at the Al Ain museum are frequently rotated. Every time visitors go to the museum, they can expect to see some new additions.

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