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Salmiya is a city in Hawalli Governorate in Kuwait.

History of Salmiya

Salmiya has been a model district in the context of modernization. It has undertaken a major face lift in recent times primarily due to ever-expanding commercial real estate on the Gulf Road. The popular Salem Al-Mubarak Shopping strip is in relative close proximity to the capital. The boom in real estate in Salmiya has seen its demographics being constantly on the move. Increasing rental prices have gradually pushed out its working class expatriate community towards the interior districts of Kuwait.

The influx of foreigners to Salmiya is of historical importance dating as far back as the 1960s. During the Gulf War Salmiya was destroyed by invading Iraqi occupation, but from 1993 onward it was gradually rebuilt and re-populated. The old rugged 3-storied buildings and open fields, which Salmiya was famous for, have given way to high density layouts of high-rise apartments and complexes. The beach front, once a hub and harbor for the fishing and pearl diving community, has been transformed into a well-developed and modern bustling commercial avenue. Salmiya is also one of the most expensive area for real estate in the country.


Salmiya hosts numerous museums, mosques, an aquarium, a Scientific Center, IMAX movie theaters, football stadium, medical centers, a Roman Catholic Chapel, the district passport office (“Jawazat”) and a well-equipped park beside the 5th Ring Road. Notable malls include the Salmiya Souq Mega-mall which was the first mall in the nation, Marina Mall in the Marina World shopping and entertainment district, and the Omariya mall. The Gulf Road is coveted for its amazing sea vistas and is the main hub for new construction of future buildings and renovations. A boulevard passing through much of coastal Salmiya is a reflection of Kuwait’s drive to modernity.

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