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Salmiya is a city in Hawalli Governorate in Kuwait.

History of Salmiya

Salmiya has emerged as a paradigm of modernization within Kuwait, undergoing a significant transformation in recent years driven by the burgeoning commercial real estate sector along the Gulf Road. Notably, the renowned Salem Al-Mubarak Shopping strip, situated in close proximity to the capital, adds to the allure of the district. However, this surge in real estate activity has led to a dynamic demographic shift in Salmiya, as rising rental prices compel the working-class expatriate community to seek accommodation in the interior districts of Kuwait.

The historical significance of Salmiya as a magnet for foreigners dates back to the 1960s, but the district faced devastation during the Gulf War under Iraqi occupation. However, the period following 1993 witnessed a gradual resurgence, marked by the reconstruction and repopulation of Salmiya. The once-familiar rugged landscape, characterized by three-storied buildings and open fields, has given way to a landscape dominated by high-rise apartments and complexes, reflecting the district’s transition towards high-density urbanization.

Moreover, the transformation of the beachfront, which was once a bustling hub for the fishing and pearl diving community, is emblematic of Salmiya’s evolution into a modern commercial thoroughfare. Despite its newfound vibrancy, Salmiya has also become one of the most sought-after and expensive areas for real estate investment in the country.


Salmiya stands as a hub of cultural and recreational attractions, boasting a diverse array of museums, mosques, and entertainment venues. Visitors can explore its rich tapestry of offerings, including an aquarium, the Scientific Center, and IMAX movie theaters, catering to both leisure seekers and enthusiasts of scientific exploration. Additionally, the district is home to a football stadium, medical centers, and a Roman Catholic Chapel, catering to various interests and religious affiliations.

Moreover, Salmiya’s vibrant landscape includes a well-appointed park adjacent to the 5th Ring Road, providing a tranquil retreat amidst the urban bustle. The district’s bustling shopping scene is epitomized by notable malls such as the Salmiya Souq Mega-mall, a pioneer in Kuwait’s mall culture, Marina Mall within the Marina World complex, and the Omariya mall. These shopping destinations offer a blend of retail therapy and entertainment options, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

The iconic Gulf Road, renowned for its picturesque sea vistas, serves as a focal point for future development and urban renewal initiatives in Salmiya. A bustling boulevard that traverses much of the coastal area, it symbolizes Kuwait’s progressive outlook and commitment to modernity. As Salmiya continues to evolve, it remains a testament to Kuwait’s dynamic spirit and cultural vitality.

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