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Kuwait Zoo

Kuwait Zoo is a zoo located in Farwaniya, Kuwait.

History of Kuwait Zoo

Kuwait zoo was established in 1968. The zoo suffered extensive damages during the 1990 Iraqi Invasion. Nevertheless, most of the maintenance work has been finished, and the zoo reopened after the modification and renovation work was completed. Part of these renovations in early 1993 included the addition of new animals from other zoos. The zoo is around 180,000 m2 in area. It is divided into four major sections:

  • Animal Section
  • Cultural Center and Life Sciences
  • Division
  • Services and Maintenance section
  • Veterinary clinic.

Breeding and Over Population

Kuwait Zoo does not use any device preventing fertilization or sterilization that regulates undesirable reproduction. Most cases, separating the animals in different cages are the only method zoo so far chosen to use as a preventive method to downgrade mating chances. Zoo faces harsh criticism since this old fashion in breeding system leads populace in zoo which force them to sell certain categories (mostly pony, deer, sheep and peacock) of animals for public.

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