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House Of Mirrors

It’s the creation of gloriously eccentric Italian-Kuwaiti artist Lidia Al Qattan, who entertains with her stories and explanations of each room, including a mirror-clad bathroom and cosmos-themed room.

History of House Of Mirrors

The House of Mirrors, also known as the Khalifa & Lidia Qattan Art Museum, serves as the residence of artists Khalifa Qattan and Lidia Qattan, both esteemed pioneers in their field. Lidia, an Italian-born artist and writer, embarked on the ambitious project of transforming their home into an extraordinary work of art in 1966, alongside her husband Khalifa. Over the course of four decades, the project gradually took shape, culminating in its completion in 2006.

The exterior of the house is adorned with murals crafted from mirror mosaic, each design imbued with symbolic meaning. Inside, the ground floor is a spectacle of mirror mosaic covering every surface—from floors and walls to ceilings. Each room boasts a unique theme, such as the “Planet Earth” Hall, “Zodiac” Hall, “Universe” Hall, “Knowledge” Hall, “My World” Hall, “Corridor of the Nations,” “Shark Basin,” “Sea World” Hall, and “Stairs to Inspiration.”

Designed by the late artist and architect Gerard Robinson, the Mirror House stands as a modern architectural marvel in Kuwait. Completed in 2008, the building has become a prominent tourist attraction, drawing visitors from far and wide. Originally a traditional Kuwaiti summer house, Robinson’s transformation rendered it into a stunning contemporary wonder. Adorned entirely with mirror glass on the exterior, the building appears almost invisible, reflecting its surroundings. Inside, intricate decorations and gold detailing accentuate the eclectic design.

The Mirror House has garnered praise for its innovative design, seamlessly blending elements of the old and the new. Recognized as one of the 10 best houses in the world by The Telegraph in 2011 and acknowledged by the World Trade Centre in Geneva, it continues to captivate art enthusiasts and admirers of modern architecture alike. The first floor houses the Qattan’s Art Gallery, featuring thematic sections dedicated to Khalifa and Lidia’s respective works. Visitors can explore galleries focusing on themes such as “The Egg,” “The Apple,” “Women I Saw,” “Art Therapy,” “Women and Society,” “Experimental,” “The Art of Recycling,” and “The Galaxy Journey.” The tour concludes on the ground floor, where Lidia’s paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and books are available for purchase in the Shopping Gallery.

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