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Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in Kuwait. Its area spans 45,000 square metres (480,000 sq ft), out of which the building itself covers 20,000 square metres (220,000 sq ft).

The main prayer hall is 72 metres (236 ft) wide on all sides, and has teakwood doors. Natural lighting is provided by 144 windows.

History of Grand Mosque

The majestic dome of the mosque spans an impressive 26 meters (85 feet) in diameter and rises to a height of 43 meters (141 feet). Adorned with the Asma al-Husna, the 99 names of God, it serves as a striking symbol of reverence and devotion. Within its walls, the mosque boasts a main prayer hall capable of accommodating up to 10,000 worshippers, alongside a separate hall for women that can hold up to 950 individuals.

In addition to its prayer spaces, the mosque is home to a meticulously curated library spanning 350 square meters (3,800 square feet), housing a wealth of Islamic reference books and documents. Recognizing the needs of worshippers, the mosque also features a five-level car park beneath the eastern courtyard, providing ample space for up to 550 vehicles.

Construction of this magnificent mosque commenced in 1979, culminating in its completion in 1986, coinciding with the first of Shawwal in 1407 or Eid ul-Fitr. Its soaring minaret, situated at the northwest corner, reflects the elegance of Andalusian architecture, adding to the mosque’s grandeur and allure.

Today, the mosque stands as a beacon of spiritual solace and architectural splendor, meticulously preserved and open to worshippers seeking tranquility and prayer. Its enduring presence serves as a testament to the enduring faith and cultural heritage of the community it serves.

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