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Al Ahmadi

Al Ahmadi is a town founded in 1946 with the discovery of oil there, located in Al Ahmadi Governorate, Kuwait.

History of Al Ahmadi

Al Ahmadi is a district located in the south of the country. It contains the headquarters for the Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) and Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) with many of its refineries located there.

Covering an area of 60 km2. Al Ahmadi is the capital of this Kuwait province with the same name. Al Ahmadi Province, named after Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, was created in 1946 who ruled the province from 1921 to 1956.

After the discovery of oil in the region British and Indian ex-pats started settling in Al Ahmadi. The town has American layouts and designed keeping in mind British preferences. The roads intersect at right angles. Areas close to the sea have buildings on the sea-facing hill slopes. The Ahmadi Town was divided by Orientation into North, South, East, and West. The North Ahmadi side is where the residential area is prominent. It also boasts of a recreational club called the Hubara, the Kuwait Golf Club Course is located here.

The oasis town was built after 1946 with the development of the oil field in which it is located. Al-Aḥmadī is the headquarters of the Kuwait Oil Company. Pipelines link it with Mīnāʾ (port) al-Aḥmadī, on the Persian Gulf to the east, where a refinery and tanker terminals are located. In 1991 the area’s oil wells were set on fire by Iraqi troops, causing extensive damage that was subsequently repaired (see Persian Gulf War). Al-Aḥmadī has several gardens and numerous sports facilities, including a football (soccer) stadium where the local team competes. Pop. (2005 prelim.) 18,926.

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