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Kuwait House of National Works Museum

The Kuwait House for National Works Museum is a museum located in Kuwait City, Kuwait. It was established in 1997, and opened to the public on March 17, 1999.

History of Kuwait House of National Works Museum

Kuwait House for National Works Museum (KHNWM) is located in Al-Murgab, Kuwait City and opened to the public in 2012. The museum was established to preserve and showcase the rich cultural and historical heritage of Kuwait. Its mission is to display publicly preserved works of art, artifacts, documents and other items related to Kuwait’s history, its contemporary culture, its economic, social and political life. The museum also serves as a research center that studies and analyzes various aspects of Kuwaiti culture and history. The building housing the museum was designed by the architectural firm Omrania & Associates. Its design incorporates themes of traditional East-meets-West, with its architecture inspired by the shape of a dew pond (an irrigation tank), its arches and arabesques, and its combination of classical and contemporary materials. The museum’s collection mainly consists of artifacts from the Sheikh Mubarak Al Sabah Collection, which were donated to the museum in 2001. Major themes of the collection include Kuwaiti heritage, culture and tradition, Islamic history, gift-giving culture, and the economic heritage of the State of Kuwait. The museum is home to a wide variety of permanent exhibitions as well as special exhibitions and events. It also provides educational and cultural programs for visitors and the local community. The museum’s unique design and impressive collection of artifacts make it a popular place for tourists and locals alike. You must visit one of these historical places in Kuwait on your Kuwait tour

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