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Hamad Town

Madinat Hamad or Hamad Town is a primarily commuter city within northern Bahrain.

History of Hamad Town

Welcome to Hamad Town, a thriving commuter city nestled in the northern region of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Named in honor of Bahrain’s esteemed monarch, King Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifah, this dynamic urban center emerged as a municipality in 1991, carving out its own identity within the Northern Governorate.

Culturally diverse and inclusive, Hamad Town embodies Bahrain’s spirit of multiculturalism, boasting a harmonious mix of Shia and Sunni residents from varied socio-economic backgrounds. With no single ethnic or religious group dominating its population, Hamad Town stands as a shining example of unity in diversity.

As one of the largest modern cities in Bahrain, Hamad Town is home to nearly 90,000 people who benefit from its strategic location, just 18 kilometers from the capital city of Manama and 19 kilometers from the airport. Notably, the city is renowned for its distinctive feature – 22 roundabouts – with residential addresses often referencing the nearest roundabout.

While primarily a residential area, Hamad Town offers residents access to essential amenities and services, including the bustling Sooq Waqif shopping center. This vibrant hub not only provides employment opportunities but also serves as a social and commercial focal point for the community.

For many residents, Hamad Town serves as a gateway to the capital, where they commute for work, further enriching Bahrain’s thriving economy. Additionally, its proximity to the Sakhir area, home to the renowned Bahrain International Circuit, adds to the city’s appeal, offering residents and visitors alike access to world-class motor racing events.

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