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Amwaj Islands

Amwaj Islands are a group of man-made islands, located in the Persian Gulf to the northeast of Bahrain, near the coast of Muharraq island

Amwaj Islands have an area of 4.31 km2.

The Amwaj Islands were reclaimed from the relatively shallow seas to the northeast of Muharraq Island, which is the northernmost island in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

History of Amwaj Islands

Welcome to the enchanting world of Amwaj Islands, Bahrain’s premier waterfront destination where waves of luxury meet modern living.

Conceived in the dawn of the new millennium, Amwaj Islands emerged as a pioneering project, offering expatriates the unprecedented opportunity of 100% freehold land ownership in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Developed by Ossis Property Development with a visionary investment of 1.5 billion US dollars, this ambitious endeavor sought to address the demand for waterfront properties in the island nation while catalyzing its transformation into a regional hub for tourism, business, and leisure.

Spanning a network of interconnected islands linked by picturesque bridges and causeways, Amwaj Islands epitomizes the essence of its name, derived from the Arabic word for “waves”. Since its inception in 2002, the project has rapidly evolved, with the completion of its initial phases by 2004, marking milestones in Bahrain’s urban landscape.

Today, Amwaj Islands stands as a vibrant tapestry of residential, commercial, and leisure developments, offering an unparalleled blend of luxury living and cosmopolitan amenities. From world-class hotels and fine dining establishments to upscale retail outlets and entertainment venues, the islands boast a diverse array of offerings to suit every lifestyle.

Immerse yourself in leisurely pursuits at the marina, tee off at the pristine golf course, or make a splash at the exhilarating water park – Amwaj Islands promises an abundance of recreational experiences for all ages. Moreover, cultural enthusiasts will delight in exploring renowned attractions such as the Bahrain National Museum and the Bahrain International Circuit, which add depth to the islands’ allure.

With modern infrastructure and cutting-edge facilities seamlessly woven into its fabric, Amwaj Islands has emerged as a coveted destination for both residents and visitors alike. Experience the epitome of luxury living amidst breathtaking surroundings, where every moment is a testament to Bahrain’s unwavering commitment to progress and innovation. Welcome to Amwaj Islands – where dreams set sail on the horizon of possibility.

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