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Amwaj Islands

Amwaj Islands are a group of man-made islands, located in the Persian Gulf to the northeast of Bahrain, near the coast of Muharraq island

Amwaj Islands have an area of 4.31 km2.

The Amwaj Islands were reclaimed from the relatively shallow seas to the northeast of Muharraq Island, which is the northernmost island in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

History of Amwaj Islands

In the year 2000, a plan was created for a pioneering project in Bahrain, the first to offer 100% freehold land ownership to expatriates living in the Kingdom of Bahrain, was devised; thus came the plan of Amwaj Islands. The plan was also to increase the supply of waterfront property which is in low supply in this small island nation. The project is being developed by Ossis Property Development with an investment of 1.5 billion US dollars. In 2002 the project started taking form. The first phase was completed in 2003. the second in 2004, when Cisco and Oracle began laying fabric for communications on the islands.

The name Amwaj is derived from the Arabic word for “waves”, and a series of bridges and causeways connect the islands. The development of the Amwaj Islands was part of a larger plan to transform Bahrain into a regional hub for tourism, business, and leisure.

The islands are home to various residential, commercial, and leisure developments, including luxury hotels, high-end restaurants, and shopping malls. The development also includes a marina, a golf course, and a water park. The islands also have several cultural attractions, such as the Bahrain National Museum and the Bahrain International Circuit.

The islands have become a popular destination for locals and expatriates, and the development has been praised for its modern infrastructure and facilities. Amwaj Islands is a prime example of Bahrain striving to become a regional business, leisure, and tourism hub.

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