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Wadi Darbat

Wadi Darbat is located in Dhofar region in Oman.

Wadi Darbat is the most beautiful and spectacular place in Salalah city and the perfect place for mountain and nature lovers. The place is fully packed with tourists especially in the autumn season.

Darbat Lake situated at the heart of Wadi Darbat is a marvellous picnic spot. It is a perfect place for visitors to take short boat rides or have barbecue dinners near the shores.

Wadi Darbat is characterized by its virgin nature and blessed with thick botanical cover. Besides, the wadi has a natural spring along with a number of caves.

The place is a perfect spot for spending a family day. Visitors can enjoy boat riding, feeding fishes in the lake. In addition, it is pretty accessible to have BBQ grill, which no other better place has barbecue in the region other than Wadi Darbat.

There is a safety area exclusive for kids, and several restaurants and huts that sell snack food such as sweet corn, popcorn and fruits. It is allowed to bring eatable items from any other market on the way.

Location of Wadi Darbat

The wadi is located only a few kilometers behind Taqa, a beach city in Dhofar Region. It is located on the left side on the road to Tawi Atair.

From Taqa, there is a road sign to Wadi Darbat. Follow the tarmac road until you reach the end of the valley, but be careful that you cannot drive freely through the entire valley.

Route Map

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