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Muttrah Corniche

Muttrah, administratively a wilayah (province), is located in the Muscat Governorate of Oman. Before the discovery of oil in Oman, Muttrah was the center of commerce in Oman (Muscat).

The Muttrah Corniche stands as a must-visit destination for anyone exploring Muscat. This picturesque promenade stretches for three kilometers along the waterfront, offering captivating views of the Oman Port and harbor on one side, and the majestic Hajar Mountains and historic Portuguese watchtowers on the other.

Lined with charming restaurants, cafes, and bustling markets, the corniche offers an enchanting ambiance. At the northern end, visitors can explore the vibrant fish market and admire the traditional Omani dhows harbored nearby. Meanwhile, the eastern end is dominated by the impressive Mutrah Fort, although it is unfortunately closed to visitors. Nevertheless, the flank of the fort provides an excellent vantage point for capturing panoramic views of the harbor.

Rich in history, Muttrah Corniche was once the heart of Oman’s medieval maritime spice trade. Today, it has evolved into a vibrant tourist destination, bustling with souks, shops, and eateries exuding an old-time Arabian charm.

Efforts to revitalize the area are underway, with plans to relocate industrial elements of the port and transform the dockside into a tourist-friendly zone. The refurbishment of the fish market has already been completed, adding to the allure of the harbor. Moreover, the harbor is frequently visited by His Majesty’s dhow, cruise ships, and various naval vessels, adding excitement to this captivating destination.

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